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Eric Mays accuses the Chief of Police of domestic abuse, the mayor of corruption, and the governor of Michigan of incompetence.

All right. We’re gonna leave it at that because I know I wanna thank eric Mays for holding on.

Are you there? Councilman Eric Mays of Flynn ▪ ▪ ▪

how you want to uh Eric let me just lay this out. Okay.

There’s so much shit going on up there. It’s like it’s just our northern neighbor.

You guys are on the north side of town here.

I mean basically what you’re trying to do is now going across the world, people are paying attention to what Eric Mays is trying to do up there.

The latest one is sex capades harassment. There was a secret settlement, a quiet one.

The public didn’t get to see it 100 and $75,000 to a former cop who uh alleged that one of her supervisors supervisors Tyrone Booth was sticking his crotch in her face sending her blowjob text etcetera etcetera.

And now you’re saying there’s more to it that the chief terrance green somehow involved in all of this.

▪ ▪ Well I wouldn’t vote for the proposed settlement.

We hear certain things in closed session when there’s lawsuits, I don’t really discuss some of the closed session communications, but the public complaint alleged that Tyrone Booth, one of the golden boys had been texting asking for all sex and the deputy chief had been involved in it.

And then I had former police officers and chiefs and people in the community tell me that that same white female had been living with the Chief of Police who is now the chief.

And you know, she departed from the department and me and two other council people wouldn’t vote on that agreed settlement.

I believe that it went to trial other folks names and the bigger scandal might have come out.

I believe they believed that. And so there was other pieces to the lawsuit.

I called the chief up to try to get some information and he went ziggy boom.

And that’s a mistake because now he’s helped cause attention to it.

I want folks to know it wasn’t just the underlings.

my position and my information say that some of these relationships would have went as high as the chief and maybe others and I don’t know the character of the female officer.

I do know what’s being said about the chief and others and I believe it and I think it’s a mess throughout the department.

I don’t know if folks have been disciplined, but we can’t afford this administration and lawsuits and the Police Department the Fire department.

I mean, this administration is just a little outrageous for me. Dude.

I mean cover ups on two Children dying in a house. Right?

You getting hauled out in handcuffs because you know, you’re gonna stick up for what you believe in during council.

You got this, the, the settlement, we say his name is public record, Tyrone Booth, he’s a spokesman for the department.

He’s making Flint’s broke as a joke.

He’s making over $100,000 to be the spokesman and never give a word about anything.

And I did some looking around and some calling around.

I don’t know if this guy is the security for Mayor Sheldon Neeley, but he’s always, he looks like the body man to me follows him on the campaign stump, right?

Like he’s security. Is this a good old boy you got going on up there.

Is this a good old boy thing going on?

Is this, is that department infected with incompetence and and good old boy ISm ▪ Yeah.

In my opinion, it is, you know, one of the deputy Chief of Staff back, if you look at the history salted and jumped on me and that good old boy network wouldn’t prosecute, didn’t do anything.

I’m a city council person. The same folks, nearly the mayor ▪ Booth.

so Cheif Green and I’m saying to myself, it’s got to come to a head when I looked at the fire with the two Children and they cover up in my opinion during the election, not the fire folks trying to win an election.

This stuff is coming out after the election. We were facing 60 million and liability.

I just don’t think we can afford this administration and the lives.

some of it reminds me of that Santos guy out of New York, I got a degree, you ain’t got a degree.

Lives, it’s just lie after lie over. Yes.

For those that don’t know, the mayor of flint for years said he had a college degree, didn’t have a college degree.

Yeah, it’s here’s the other thing eric uh ▪ Last week a water main broke and you had to boil water in flint.

I thought we sent like $300 million dollars up there to replace the lines but it becomes obvious we didn’t replace the main shit, which is the water mains.


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